Joseph Kern


Department Chair
Associate Professor of Spanish
Zehmer 121

Joseph Kern received his Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of Arizona. His research interests include discourse-pragmatic variation, language contact, and second/foreign language pedagogy. In his research, he explores how bilinguals draw on both languages they speak to structure how they talk. At UVA Wise, he teaches Spanish at all levels from elementary Spanish to advanced courses in Spanish grammar, linguistics, and second/foreign language pedagogy. He spends his free time singing in several choirs and spending time with family and friends. He also likes to travel, visit art galleries, go to the theater, and attend athletic events.

Recent Publications

Edited Volumes

Peterson, E., Hiltunen, T. & Kern, J. (2022). Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change: Theory, Innovations, Contact. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Articles and Chapters

Kern, J. (2022). General extenders in bilingual speech. In E. Peterson, T. Hiltunen & J. Kern (eds.) Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change: Theory, Innovations, Contact. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Kern, J. (2020). Quotatives in English and Spanish among bilinguals. Sociolinguistic Studies14(1-2), 85-110.

Kern, J. (2020). Like in English and como, como que, and like in Spanish in the speech of Southern Arizona bilinguals. International Journal of Bilingualism24(2), 184–207.

Carvalho, A. M. & Kern, J. (2019). A discourse-pragmatic feature in contact: Portuguese-Spanish bilinguals’ use of tag questions. Pragmatics29(4), 463-492.

Kern, J. (2017). A Pedagogical Framework for Incorporating Sociolinguistic Diversity in the Spanish Classroom. Arizona Working Papers24, 25-40.

Kern, J. (2017). Unpacking the variable context of quotatives in the Spanish of the U.S. Southwest. Spanish in Context14(1), 124-143.

Kern. J. (2014). Como in commute: The travels of a discourse marker across languages. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 7(2), 279-298.

Ph.D., University of Arizona
M.A., University of Arizona
B.A., University of Louisville
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