Wendy Martin


Instructor in Mathematics

Courses Taught

  • MTH 1010 College Algebra
  • MTH 1050 Applications of Mathematics
  • MTH 1110 Precalculus I
  • MTH 1210 Precalculus II
  • MTH 2010 Euclidean Geometry
  • MTH 2020 Problem Solving
  • MTH 2025 Methods for Teaching Mathematics
  • MTH 2040 Calculus I
  • PED 1900 Aerobics

Professional Interests

  • Mathematics Education for Prospective Teachers

Professional Memberships

  • VCTM

Selected Awards and Honors

Video of “Creating Interactive Learning Guides for Students” featured in the University of Virginia’s Center for Teaching Excellence series “Small Changes, Big Impact”. September 14, 2021

Selected Recent Presentations

Spotlight on Teaching Excellence: Wendy Martin, Instructor in Mathematics
   “Using Numbers to Create ILGs (Instructional Learning Guides)". November 12, 2021

MS, Mathematics, University of Kentucky
BS, Mathematics, The University of Virginia’s College at Wise
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