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ACCORD Project

UVA Wise received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to deploy the Assuring Controls Compliance of Research Data project (ACCORD). ACCORD is a web-based platform that allows researchers from different colleges and universities across the state of Virginia to analyze and store their sensitive data in a central location.

UVA Wise researchers can use ACCORD resources for free. 

ACCORD can help you:

  • Store general research data to protect from loss (data is automatically backed up);
  • Store sensitive data (e.g. population/demographic data, de-identified data, genomics, or data deemed sensitive by research partners/sponsors);
  • Use high-performance computing power (multi-core clusters) to analyze data in a secure environment;
  • Leverage the availability of ACCORD infrastructure in funding proposals/applications. For example, ACCORD can support secure data storage and analytics of a proposal; and
  • Use ACCORD to train new researchers.

Instructions for Researchers

Researchers at UVA Wise can access the ACCORD resources on campus through a secured online interface. The ACCORD team also offers technical support and guidance for users.

To request a new ACCORD project or support for an existing ACCORD project, contact us at or submit an ACCORD support ticket.