SGA Allocations Request Form

This online form is the first step in the process for an organization to receive SGA funds. Please submit it by noon on the Wednesday prior to the SGA Meeting in which you wish to present; you will receive confirmation of the meeting date and time. For more information, contact the SGA Treasurer or the SGA Advisor.

Group/Organization Information

Please provide the following information about the group/organization that is requesting SGA funds.

Event/Trip/Program Information

Please provide the following additional information regarding the trip, event, program, etc. for which SGA funds are being requested.
Please be specific in describing how the requested funds will be spent, including a breakdown of the costs involved and any other contributions already received. For events/trips/programs, also describe the event and what your organization hopes to gain from participation.
Please describe the advertising methods your organization plans to use for this event/activity. Bring 25 copies of any advertisements to support your SGA presentation. NOTE: Any event or activity receiving SGA funding, must include "Co-sponsored by the UVA Wise SGA" on all publicity.
Please describe how the event, trip, conference, activity, etc. will benefit the UVA Wise student body as a whole.
How will the organization or individuals within the organization give back or share what has been learned or experienced in this event/activity/program to the larger UVA Wise campus community? Note: Give Back must be completed within one month after the event and may include a newspaper article (school or community), a session/program for other students, an art or photo display, or any other way that shares the experience with the UVA Wise community. If Give Back is not completed, the organization may be ineligible for future SGA funding.

Funding Information

Type of funding requested
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