Student Certification and Enrollment Verification

Learn more about the types of student certification and enrollment verification and request enrollment verification online.

  • Loan Deferment: Verifications are required for student loan deferment.
  • Enrollment Verification: Used to prove enrollment status at UVA Wise, this verification will include dates of enrollment, enrollment status (full-time or part-time), GPA, and/or anticipated graduation year.
  • Medical Insurance: Insurance companies may require proof of enrollment, and many require verification of full-time or part-time status.
  • Good Student Discount: Used by companies that offer discounts for students who maintain at least a 3.00 (B) GPA. The verification will include your cumulative GPA unless otherwise requested. It will also include your enrollment status (full-time/part-time) for that term.
Enrollment Verification
Need verification immediately? Log in to My UVA Wise to request the certification at no charge.
Degree Verification
If you are an employer or background screening firm, visit National Student Clearinghouse to find degree verifications for UVA Wise students.

Keep In Mind

Student enrollment verifications can only be provided for current and past semesters of attendance at UVA Wise. Verification cannot be provided for an upcoming semester.