Tutoring Policies & Responsibilities

Before the tutoring session

  • Read all assigned material. Study your text and notes.
  • Attempt all homework. Tutoring is not “homework time.”

For a successful tutoring session

  • Always bring your textbook and notes from lectures, along with other relevant materials.
  • Expect to be actively involved in working problems and discussing class material.
  • Ask the tutor to re-state or re-explain anything you do not understand. Don’t fake it. This is your time to become very clear about course information.
  • Be on time for sessions. Notify the office or your tutor is you will be late (see below).

Between tutoring sessions

  • Continue to attend class.
  • Continue to read, review, attempt assignments, and write down questions for your tutor.
  • Use other resources such as your professor’s office hours (#1 resource) or study groups.

Policies to Know

  • UVA Wise email is the primary form of communication for official tutoring information and must be checked daily for updates.
  • A student must be enrolled in the class at UVA Wise for which he/she requests tutoring.
  • Tutors and tutees are expected to work with all persons without bias or prejudice. Only in cases of conflict will changes be made.
  • Tutors and tutees are expected to keep the Academic Coordinator informed of any issues concerning the tutoring sessions (absences, tardiness, conflicts, participation, etc.).
  • Tutors are not required to work with students beyond scheduled sessions. Tutors and the Academic Coordinator must agree on additional service time.
  • All tutor should take place in Academic Support (1st floor, Zehmer Hall) unless otherwise approved.
  • Tutors and tutees should notify each other and the office as soon as there is a need to miss a scheduled session (at least 12 hours notice). In an emergency, this notification should take place as soon as possible.
  • Tutoring can be terminated after repeated cancellations or lack of participation.
  • Tutors are required to wait 15 minutes for late students before leaving and marking the appointment as a "no-show".
  • Under no circumstance should students ever ask or expect a tutor to complete any work for them in accordance to Academic Support and College policy.


Tutors and tutees should exchange contact information in the first session! Tutors have access to the contact information listed on the request form. This exchange can save time and confusion regarding upcoming sessions.


  • Tutoring is NOT a substitution for class attendance and participation. Students must be attending class to receive tutoring.
  • With class work, it’s easier to KEEP UP than to CATCH UP.
  • Please be patient with scheduling sessions. Tutoring is a free service.
  • Cancellations and “no-shows” can become quite an area of frustration. Please be considerate of your fellow students.