Fellowship in the Natural Sciences

Undergraduate Research Experiences at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Fellowship in the Natural Sciences (FINS) provides research opportunities to students during their college careers. Students gain practical experience in modern scientific research techniques by pursuing answers to contemporary questions under the direction of a member of the natural sciences faculty. Faculty sponsors serve as mentors, role models, and advisors. Individual projects support the goals of a research program that is of high scientific merit yet are appropriate for undergraduate research. Successful applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal for graduation “With Research Honors” in the respective field of study.

FINS Research Fellows will:

  • receive a $5,000 student stipend for the ten (10) week period
  • spend approximately forty (40) hours per week on their research during the period of their fellowship
  • present the findings of their research in both a written and oral format

Successful student applicants will:

  • have completed at least one year of undergraduate science coursework;
  • be students in good standing at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise;
  • be highly motivated to participate in ongoing research projects and demonstrate the potential for success in scientific research and related experiences; and
  • have demonstrated a high degree of academic achievement.

To apply, submit the following materials to the Science Center Office

  • completed FINS application form (available in Science Center office or click for the Application Form)
  • statement describing your academic background, scientific interests, suitability for field or laboratory experiences, and past research experiences
  • statement explaining how the chosen fellowship experience will help you pursue your career goals
  • one official copy of your academic transcript
  • two letters of recommendation from professors who can assess your scientific and intellectual abilities, previous training and experience, and potential for a career in research (neither of which should be from the sponsoring professor)
  • a research proposal (maximum five pages for project description) and a detailed budget

Submit all materials electronically to rlw2j@uvawise.edu by NOON, FRIDAY MARCH 24th, 2023

* Incomplete and/or late applications will NOT be considered

2023 FINS Research Fellows

  • Destiny Bellamy - Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in the Clinch River (Faculty Mentor - Jason Borgus)
  • Emily Clark - The Restoration of Habitat for the Eastern Hellbender Salamander (Faculty Mentor - Wally Smith)
  • Abigail Edwards - Highly-Aromatic Ni-Based MOFs (Faculty Mentor - Tegan Makal)
  • Michaela Hall - Unit-Free Analytical Approach to Projectile Motion Using Discrete Mathematics (Faculty Mentor - Jan Fiala)
  • Paula Hall - Assessing and Cleaning Up Plastics in our Streams (Faculty Mentor - Terri Brown)
  • Evelyn Kepley Sustainability & Phenological Studies for the Protection and Insight Of Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis) (Faculty Mentor - Ryan Huish)
  • Sydney Laney  - Antimicrobial Growth Inhibitors as a Function of Level of Structural Defects and Inhibition (Faculty Mentor - Tori Makal)
  • Madison Stacy - Characterization of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as Potential Microbial Growth Inhibitors (Faculty Mentor - Tori Makal)
  • Matthew Sullivan - Investigating Appalachian Black Cohosh: Surveying populations and refining identification keys for plants within the Actaea genus to help ensure safety in the herbal industry. (Faculty Mentor - Ryan Huish)

2022 FINS Research Fellows

  • Kayla Deel - Bioindicators of Nonpoint Source Pollution (Faculty Mentor - Bruce Cahoon)
  • Brittany Gentry - Luciferase Assay (Faculty Mentor - Mike Shell)
  • Michaela Hall - Bioactivity of Ruthidium Complexes (Faculty Mentor - Mike Shell)
  • Madison Stacy - MOFs as Antimicrobials (Faculty Mentor - Tori Makal)