Foreign Studies


Select from French, German, and Spanish and then learn about that culture’s civilization, grammar and linguistics, and literature, choosing from a variety of electives along the way to your degree. Then, complete a senior thesis to reflect on and synthesize your learning to earn a degree that will prepare you for a variety of careers or graduate study.

For a Foreign Studies major, no second foreign language hours are required.

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Teaching Licensure in a Foreign Language

Students who wish to pursue certification to teach a foreign language at the Pre-K-12 level must meet the requirements for admission and retention in the Teacher Education Program. In addition to the required courses in foreign language, the student must take the professional studies requirements for secondary grades 6-12. Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in 3000-level or above courses in the major to receive departmental recommendation to the Teacher Education Program.

The applicant seeking an endorsement in a modern foreign language for Pre-K-12 shall complete a major or its equivalent in a modern foreign language, including a minimum of 24 credit hours of language course work above the intermediate level. Endorsement in a second foreign language may be obtained with 24 credit hours of course work above the intermediate level.


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