Annual Fund Phonathon

Contribute to the College and to the conversation

Dear UVA Wise alumni,

Do you recall your college days wondering if today’s students enjoy the same relationships with faculty that you did? Do you speculate if your favorite faculty member is still on campus? Do you wonder who today’s students are? Do you think about how you can help UVA Wise? The UVA Wise Phonathon Team is here to provide answers to all your questions.

From late January to mid-February, the Phonathon Team reaches out to alumni to thank them for their support, to answer questions about the College, to provide information about events relevant to alumni, and to encourage them to support the College financially through the Annual Fund. Students witness first-hand what alumni donations can do, from faculty support and special academic programs to student scholarships and campus enhancements.

The UVA Wise student callers are also eager to hear about the experiences of our alumni. Great connections are made through our Phonathon!

Hear for yourself how your financial support is affecting a current student’s education and their future.

How can you support the Phonathon?

  • Take our call! Ask us questions about your time at UVA Wise (or Clinch Valley College, if you graduated prior to 2000).
  • Update us on your contact information and what you are doing.
  • Offer suggestions about where you would like the College to grow and improve.
  • Make a gift that is meaningful to you and you can direct it where you have a deep passion.

Are you a student who wants to join the Phonathon team?

Being a Phonathon Team member is a great honor and an indication of the value you place on supporting UVA Wise. It provides a great opportunity for students to practice their communication and organizational skills, build character and grow professionally. If you think you want to be part of this elite team, please contact Nathan Rasnake.

Nathan Rasnake


Director of Annual Giving