Faculty and Staff Giving

The strength of the College lies within the commitment and generosity of those whose time and talents help define its programs and services.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to make financial investments in programs, departments or other areas of the College that matter most to them.

Faculty and staff members may make a gift now or sign up for automatic payroll deduction by completing the payroll deduction form (PDF).

2021-2022 Faculty & Staff Donors

  • Mr. David B. Amos
  • Mr. P. Scott Bevins
  • Mrs. Shannon R. Blevins
  • Ms. G. Rosa Bott
  • Ms. Priscilla B. Brame
  • Ms. Neva J. Bryan
  • Aubrey B. Cahoon, PhD
  • Mr. Robert J. Cantrell
  • Mrs. Gina L. Chisenhall
  • Mrs. Kasi E. Clifton
  • Ms. Becca Clippard
  • Ms. Jamie D. Cluesman
  • Ms. Courtney L. Conner-Stringer
  • Dr. Thomas M. Costa
  • Mr. P. Andrew Cox
  • Mr. Christopher D. Davis
  • Mr. Chris Dearth
  • Mr. Danny L. Dixon
  • Ms. Emily A. Dotson
  • Ms. Elizabeth C. Dotson-Shupe
  • Mr. Clifford A. Edwards
  • Ms. Heather Evans
  • Mrs. Crystal B. Fleming
  • Mrs. Katherine R. Fleming
  • Ms. Trisha Folds-Bennett
  • Mr. Randall L. Gabbert
  • Mr. Rick D. Galyean
  • Mrs. Donna Gail Hale
  • Mrs. Crystal Hamm
  • Mrs. Amelia J. Harris
  • Mrs. Donna P. Henry
  • Ms. Gillian Huang-Tiller
  • Mrs. Rebecca E. Huffman
  • Mrs. Amanda G. Hughes
  • Mrs. Kalen M. Hunter
  • Mr. Quintin E. Hunter
  • Mrs. Dawn J. Jessee
  • Mr. Andy Johnson
  • Mr. Joshua V. Justice
  • Mr. Joseph B. Kiser
  • Mrs. Valerie S. Lawson
  • Mr. Erik L. Lemley
  • Mr. Nicholas S. Marshall
  • Mr. Benjamin R. Mays
  • Mrs. Malissa D. McConnell
  • Mr. Brian D. McKnight
  • Mrs. Holly P. Meade
  • Mr. Blakley A. Mellinger
  • Mrs. Marcia Y. Mitchell
  • Mrs. Bobbi Marie Mullins
  • Ms. Susan Mullins
  • Mrs. Cynthia Johnson Newlon
  • Mr. Don Newlon
  • Mrs. Jennifer L. Partin
  • Ms. Laura D. Pritchard
  • Ms. Kendall Rainey
  • Mr. Nathan D. Rasnake
  • Mr. J. Philip Robbins
  • Mrs. Irene Robinson
  • Mr. Danny R. Rowland
  • Ms. Kristen H. Salyer
  • Mr. Corey Sanchez
  • Mr. Donald E. Sharitt
  • Mrs. Tabitha Hackney Smith
  • Mr. James A. Stewart
  • Ms. Kathy Thacker Stewart
  • Mrs. Roshita Stewart
  • Mr. Kenneth J. Tiller
  • Mrs. Christina L. Turnbill
  • Mrs. Adriana Undreiu
  • Mr. Lucian Undreiu
  • Ms. Deborah L. Vanover
  • Mr. James M. Wardell
  • Mr. William D. Wendle
  • Mr. Samuel M. Wharton III
  • Mr. Matthew J. Williams
  • Ms. Gail Zimmerman

Updated May 18, 2022

Valerie Lawson


Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Alumni Engagement