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In addition to actively teaching the scientific method as a way of knowing, our natural science classes and majors allow students to grow as citizens of the world by providing opportunities to engage with other academic fields throughout their tenure in the department of Natural Sciences.

We believe this Jeffersonian tradition grants our students an interdisciplinary view that is vital to understanding life and the forces that permeate all processes in our universe.

While exploring this site, you will find that our faculty have diverse teaching and research careers and that our students gain valuable experiences in the laboratory and field in the pursuit of scientific research. Whether you are preparing for a career in the sciences or attempting to learn how science affects your life, we hope you enjoy life in the Age of Science.

All UVA EHS health and safety policies apply to and should be followed by UVA Wise Faculty, Staff and students.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our natural science courses and majors. 

Why take Natural Science Courses at UVA Wise?


of our students who earn natural science degrees are admitted to graduate or professional school upon first application

Samantha Smith, Class of 2014

"Dr. Floyd Beckford and UVA Wise have provided me with unique opportunities that will be crucial to my future career as a physician."

Wise, VA

A liberal arts college with a supportive community in the beautiful mountains

Lowest debt

Students graduate with a lighter burden

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Natural Sciences

Earth Sciences
Environmental Science

Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences

Environmental Science
Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory

UVA Wise offers a degree program in which graduates will receive either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Natural Sciences. The degree designation (BA or BS) awarded depends on the program of study students choose to pursue.

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Robin Woodard

Robin L. Woodard

Department Chair
Associate Professor of Biology

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Alan West

Administrative Assistant
Science Center 123