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A nationally ranked college, UVA Wise is renowned not only for the quality of the education we provide but for the accessibility and affordability that accompanies our experience. Cited as the #6 school in the U.S. for lifting students out of poverty by U.S. News & World Report in 2020, the College offers 33 majors, 39 minors, 24 teacher education programs, and several prestigious collaborations with professional schools.

The welcoming, nurturing environment of UVA Wise is one secret to the successes of our graduates, and we are regularly pronounced one of the top public liberal arts colleges in the nation by Washington Monthly,, Colleges of Distinction, and other third-party endorsers, who often tout our ability to enhance the social mobility of our enterprising students.

Fast Facts:

  • Average class size of 15 students
  • Nearly 400 acres of campus, with residence halls featuring mountain or lake view rooms
  • A member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, an honor that underlines our commitment to a high-quality liberal arts education that is student-centered and serves our students and alumni throughout the entirety of their careers and lives


UVA Wise is consistently ranked among the top colleges in the nation for graduating students with little to no debt. Every year, we offer about $19 million in scholarships and aid, which 88% of our students receive. We offer special tuition initiatives for residents of the Appalachian Region as well as qualifying Virginia families. Additionally, our innovate to elevate program also offers financial benefits by providing each full-time student with an iPad.

  • Residents of the Appalachian Region, which stretches from New York to Mississippi, can take advantage of a special tuition rate available only at UVA Wise.
  • In order to keep college Within Reach for any student from Virginia, UVA Wise assists students from Virginia whose family has an income of $40,000 or less and who qualifies for admission in receiving scholarships that cover tuition and fees.
  • We offer generous merit-based scholarships
  • And, all UVA Wise students receive an iPad, Apple Pencil, smart keyboard, and case thanks to our Innovate to Elevate initiative, which also helps students save on the cost of textbooks.

Hands-on Learning

After graduating from UVA Wise, 97% of our graduates find employment or go on to seek a graduate degree. Some of the secrets to their success are hands-on learning experiences that build their skills and complement the well-rounded education our student enjoy in the classroom. No matter what program a student chooses, he/she/they can develop their skills through: 

  • Internships: The WiseWorks program helps students and employers cost-share wages so that our students are paid for their work as they learn. 
  • Community-engaged Learning: Our CONNECTS program encourages students to enhance writing skills, critical thinking, self-efficacy, and leadership, all while partnering with a community organization. 
  • Undergraduate Research: Students can engage in independent or faculty-led research, which often results in their presentation at the College's Research Day and sometimes leads to publication in peer-reviewed journals. 
  • Honors Program: Academically motivated students can partake of an array of opportunities to challenge and distinguish themselves by participating in intensive, interdisciplinary courses and enriching out-of-class activities.

And, campus life at UVA Wise rounds out these experiences. Our community is friendly and tight-knit so students won’t get lost in the crowd. Whether they are taking a yoga class at the Fitness Center, attending a concert, or lounging on the Lawn by the Lake, campus life at the College is designed to help students discover their passions and create lifelong connections. 

Year in Wise Program

If you are a Virginian placed on the wait list for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at UVA, you can attend UVA Wise for one year—completing 30 hours of transferrable credit and maintaining a 3.0 GPA—and then transfer to UVA in Charlottesville to complete your degree. (No additional application to UVA Wise is required.) Student MUST be wait listed for the CAS at UVA to be eligible for the program. For more information please contact UVA Wise Office of Admissions at 276-328-0102.

See What our Students Do After Graduation
UVA Wise alumni have gone on to work at prestigious organizations and use their well-rounded educations to continue to advance and grow over time.
Learn About Scholarship Opportunities
View an abundance of scholarships available to students at UVA Wise, and use our information to help your students navigate the scholarships and aid process.

Know a Student Who is Perfect for UVA Wise?

Encourage them to connect with us

How can we help your students learn about an exceptional but affordable college education available at UVA Wise? We present virtual information sessions, host student tours, and are always readily available to answer your and your students’ questions. Here are a few resources to help your students connect with us.

Guide them through the Scholarships & Aid Process

It’s no secret that affording a higher education is one of the most challenging hurdles students face in attending college. We’re here to help you and your students understand that there are Scholarship and Aid offerings and that every student with whom we meet has questions about the financial aid process. We’re here to help. Encourage your students to reach out.

  • Students can begin by exploring the many Scholarships & Aid available only at UVA Wise.
  • Let them know they can use the Net Price Calculator to learn more about their expected cost.
  • Also, encourage them to apply using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    (Our FAFSA code is 003747).

Encourage them to apply

College graduates earn more over their lifetimes and enjoy many enhancements in quality of life over those who don’t attend college. From fulfilling and gainful careers to exciting opportunities to advance and learn, the first step for each student is to apply to college. UVA Wise offers a number of ways to apply.

  • Apply through UVA Wise or the Common Application.
  • Have them send their SAT or ACT scores to UVA Wise.
    (Our SAT code is 5124. Our ACT code is 4343.)

Help them Accept an Offer of Admission to UVA Wise

At UVA Wise, your students can afford a college education that prepares them for a gainful career and robust, fulfilling life. If they have any questions that stand in their way, please encourage them to reach out to our admissions counselors. Then, encourage them to secure their place at UVA Wise by confirming their enrollment to UVA Wise by May 1.