Living Learning Communities

UVA Wise has long prided itself on its close-knit community. Recently, students’ opportunities to find and grow alongside like-minded peers, develop their skills while pursuing their passions and gain even more understanding of their talents was easier through Living Learning Communities (LLCs).

Two LLCs – one focused on UVA Wise’s Army ROTC program and one focused on service learning – were founded by the College’s divisions of student and academic affairs. Students who have been part of the LLCs have taken advantage of the opportunities laid out for them by faculty and student affairs professionals to achieve some impressive outcomes.

Develop Yourself

Students in LLCs not only gain experience around the passion they are pursuing, but they also build their resumes and networks by taking part in LLC programming. This has included engaging with local and regional service opportunities as well as being part of national service organizations’ projects.

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Sign up for an LLC by denoting your interest while filling out your housing agreement through StarRez.
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Find Your Community

When you participate in the programming of an LLC – whether you’re wrapping presents for a holiday gift distribution or training for the Army Ten Miler race – you’re not only engaging with your peers during the event itself. Living in community with those who have similar passions to yours means you’ll reflect and learn together over time. And, you’ll have additional opportunity to engage with faculty and student affairs professionals who are working to assemble the best programming for you and your LLC.

Discover Your Calling

Involvement in an LLC gives you both opportunities to engage with your passion as well as the chance to learn further which passions you want to pursue and how. Take service as an example. In the UVA Wise Service LLC, you’ll be able to volunteer alongside like-minded peers, but you may find your passion for service is helping build homes through Habitat for Humanity while you watch peers develop their callings in community organizing, stocking shelves for food drives, or other needed niches.

What is living in an LLC like?

UVA Wise’s LLCs are located in residence halls, so you have all the benefits that living on campus already entails, including proximity to classrooms and amenities, late-night study sessions, social gatherings and more. In addition to those traditional advantages, the community leaders of your LLC will host workshops to develop your skills as well as informal social gatherings like community dinners in Smith Dining Commons. Over time, as you and your community develop, your faculty and student affairs liaisons will encourage you to take additional ownership of projects that you can positively impact over time.

Living in an LLC is an opportunity for holistic development that both extends your academic and extracurricular learning. This means you’ll have an easier time finding belonging, developing your identity, managing time, and learn other social, intellectual and cultural insights and skills from your fellow community members.